The ginger

your digestive aid

For cooking or as a digestive aid ?

Root ginger is used as a spice in Asian cuisine. But in addition to its culinary attributes, it also helps keep your stomach on an even keel in the event of digestion problems.

It‘s all about the dosage…

It takes more than just adding a bit of ginger to your meals to keep your stomach feeling light. Studies have shown that you need to take the equivalent of 1,000 mg powdered ginger to fully exploit its benefits. Ask your pharmacist for advice if you are unsure about the concentration of a ginger-based product.

It really works…

Ginger is an invaluable aid for tackling temporary digestive problems and does not cause adverse effects. Numerous studies have demonstrated its effectiveness.

And it‘s risk-free !

Studies conducted in pregnant women inter alia have helped to prove that ginger is not only reliably effective, but also safe. These studies have also shown that ginger does not cause adverse effects.
Taking ginger is completely harmless, even during the first few months of pregnancy!